WOW! Québec City Business Destination is back at #EngageAssn 2019

We cannot believe our luck – and are SO very grateful to the team at Quebec City Business Destination for returning for another year at the Engaging Associations Forum 2019!

Here is what is awesome about Québec City:

  • Their city is a great place for a meeting or conference (but we knew that of course!)
  • The team at Québec City Business Destination wants to stand out from the other options that are available to professionals – they continuously select partnership options that are different – last year they hosted our Chill Lounge, and this year they are coming back with a few surprises!
  • They are dedicated to the industry – not only does their website showcase the many, many features that Québec City has to offer, but they have a blog that shines a light on more than what’s happening in their beautiful city – it has well written articles that provide the Canadian Association Executive & Meeting Professional with tips and best practices that help them move the engagement needle; and prepares everyone for a well-thought-out; expertly delivered conference.

Here are a few examples of recent posts we just LOVE:

So make sure when you are at Engaging Associations Forum this year at the Brookstreet Hotel July 17-19, 2019 in Ottawa, that you carve out some time to chat with the Québec City Business Destination team – you will be glad you did!


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